Sunday, November 20, 2011

Church On Sunday

Being born and raised in Manado (where people dress up extra-ordinarily for church), I do love wearing clothes that are referred to as "my Sunday best". The kind of clothes I wear only for church or special occasions (But no mistake, sometimes I can be seen wearing a good pair of jeans and white shirts too). Do any of you still do this these days?
Today I wore a striped top from Adrienne Vittadini, high-waisted pencil skirt from Zara and a pair of Chanel high heels. 

The vintage Chanel purse is my favorite! My father bought this purse in Japan for my mother some time in 1980s. Then my mother decided to give it to me two years ago, I was so sublimely happy! I really love this timeless/elegant purse, and especially because I have never seen anyone with it!

Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Chanel
Purse: Vintage Chanel (Agneau Tanne Noir)
Watch: Esprit

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